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Is a Chinchilla the right pet for me?

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Is a Chinchilla the right pet for me?

Počalji od Admin taj Ned Jun 19, 2016 2:10 pm

If you are looking for a pet that is around all day available for you to have wandering around the house, then obviously a Chinchilla is not the right pet for you. Having a Chinchilla is something completely different to having a cat or a dog. But then owning a Chinchilla is also unlike any other pet in my experience.

 A Chinchilla is not just a little, furry animal shut in a cage all day. It does demand attention and care. A nice roomy cage, with plenty of activities and stimulation carefully chosen for maximum fun and safety are needed. Correct feed is also very important to keep your Chinchilla healthy. Having a Chinchilla sitting in an empty cage without stimulation or attention is not something that you would want to see. They need to have human contact, especially if you decide to have a single Chinchilla. After all, you want to love your pet, so regularly handling him, will make him love you back. A tickle behind his ear, a treat of a raisin or two, perhaps letting him out for a run around a chinchilla friendly room for half an hour, will all help to keep him happy and let you enjoy having him around. If you go shopping for example, remember that he is a member of the household, why not treat him to a small bag of muesli as a treat for the following week or two. If in the pet shop, why not pick up a nice bag of fresh hay for him or perhaps a new wooden chew toy or some rodent nibbling treats. Making sure that he has variety in his life and attention from you will keep him happy and ensure you keep on enjoying having him as your much loved pet.

It has to be said that Chinchillas on the whole, tend to be better suited as pets for adults. Sometimes they can be far to fast for children to handle and do not like being squeezed as children tend to do. So for smaller children, I personally would not recommend a Chinchilla. An older child however, who can responsibly care for a pet, realise that they need feed and attention each day and are taught to treat the pet with respect and handle them properly etc.. can ofcourse give a Chinchilla a wonderful life. Both learning and enjoying the friendship of having this rodent as a pet. However, if you are the kind of person that has to work full time, your Chinchilla will not mind this. Whereas, with such a pet as a cat or dog, they do not tend to like being left all day long along, your Chinchilla will not complain. As long as he has a nice clean cage, food and water before you leave in the morning, he will be happy to sleep most of the day away, waking up for an evening and night full of fun and action, just as you come through the door after a hard days work. So, in the evening you can enjoy seeing your friend wide awake and ready to come out of his cage for a cuddle or a run, or perhaps both and enjoying interacting with you, especially when he sees you getting the raisin jar out of the cupboard!


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